Elite Dachshund


Everybody loves dogs! Everybody know how wonderful is to have devoted creature who will be on your side no matter what!

"Elite Dachshund" is a Florida Department of longlasting company "PETS-GO-ROUND" located in Virginia. We raise and training Dachshunds for many yrs  and still believe they are the perfect for a Family, Companion and Therapy Pet. They are AKC registered super quality Dachshunds.

We are group of enthusiasts admire those wonderful creatures we share this Planet with. We love them all!  And Blass God  for the ones that  always here - within the reach - our devoted PETS!  We live with them, we work with them.  We give them the very  best care they very deserve, we have fun with them and want  YOU have that PERFECT friend to make your life and the life of your family complete and full of joy! 

We breed and raise our Dachshunds here, inside our house. All our doggies are well socialized with children, small dogs and large dogs. They come prespoiled.

Our breeders - Dachshunds are our pets. All pups come of long line of Therapy Dogs and show the wonderful disposition in very early age! By the time they are ready to go with you - they are 100% paper and crate trained, stress resistant, well socialized and know no strangers!

We breed classic and rare colors. They are wormed 5 times, get first puppy shot, dew claws removed before they leave our home.

Probably one of the most recognised breeds in the world, the Dachshund comes in six varieties - Long Haired, Short Haired and Wire Haired and all three of these varieties come in Standard size and Miniature size. (There is also a third size - "Rabbit", which is not recognised by the US or UK Kennel Cubs but is recognised by the other 83 countries in the World Canine Federation). We call it "toy".


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